Getting Married in Umbria

Getting Married in Umbria

Umbria, with St. Francis’s green hills, provides the ideal setting for the wedding of your dreams. Small country chapels, cathedrals, enchanting villages, and a superb culinary tradition combine to create an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking for a town wedding, Todi is without doubt the perfect location! It has everything to offer the future couple and its guests: beautiful historic churches of every size (including the famous Santa Maria della Consolazione, the church of San Fortunato, and the Cathedral in the Piazza del Popolo, as well as a number of more intimate churches) for church ceremonies; for civil ceremonies, consider the lovely and historic Sala del Capitano or the Sala delle Pietre in the twelfth-century Palazzo del Popolo.

Having chosen the perfect location for your wedding, you will probably have a lot of questions about the technical and bureaucratic requirements for marriage in Umbria. We have helpful information for celebrating religious and civil rites here, as well as a list of required documentation for foreign citizens marrying in Italy.

Civil Marriage between Italian Citizens

A civil ceremony between Italian citizens is very straightforward, and the required documents are simple to obtain. Two months before the wedding, the future couple must go together to the Ufficio di Stato Civile of residence (of either one or both parties) to request the necessary marriage documents:

  • birth certificate

  • contextual certificate (which includes residence, ability to marry, and citizenship)

  • If one party is divorced, you will also need to have the divorce decree; if one party is widowed, the death certificate of the former spouse is also required.

  • For a wedding involving a minor citizen who is at least 16 years old, an authorization from the juvenile tribunal will also be required.

The responsible municipal departments will gather all the required documentation and call the future couple to fix the date of the wedding. Since the presence of parents and witnesses is no longer required, a notice declaring the intended marriage must be posted on the door of the municipal offices (in each municipality of residence for the bride and groom) for 8 days.

Religious Marriage between Italian Citizens

A religious ceremony requires a bit more paperwork, but no worries! As well as the documents required for a civil ceremony, you must provide:

  • Baptismal certificate (requested from the parish in which you were baptized)

  • Confirmation certificate (may not be necessary if your confirmation date was recorded on your baptismal certificate)

  • A certificate stating your freedom to marry (this is only required in the case where one or both people have lived at least one year in a different parish from their actual home)

  • Documentation of premarital counseling

Once these documents have been obtained, the future couple must present itself to the parish they’ve chosen for their wedding: the parish will establish a series of meetings to prepare for the wedding, and then will provide its consent.

Legal Requirements for Marriage
  • Must be 18 years or older in general

  • Those who are 16 years or older may marry with the consent of the juvenile tribunal; the judge must ascertain the emotional maturity of the minor and the reasons for the marriage must be sound

  • Must be sane; those with mental infirmities may not marry

  • Must be legally free to marry (not currently married)

  • The future spouses may not be related to each other by blood

  • Marriage is forbidden between someone who has been convicted for murder or attempted murder, and the spouse of the victim

  • In the case of a dissolved marriage, there is a waiting period for the woman of at least 300 days, with the following exceptions:

    • The marriage was annulled for reasons of impotence

    • The marriage was not consummated

    • The marriage was dissolved following three years of separation

Documents and Helpful Procedures for Foreigners Marrying in Italy

Apart from the requirements for Italian citizens listed above, if one or both of the intended is/are a foreign citizen, there are additional formalities. The Nulla Osta form can be downloaded from the US Embassy’s website. It should be filled out, and then signed in front of a consular officer at one of the consulates; the officer will then authenticate the form. For more information, visit The required time period for obtaining this clearance can vary, so we strongly recommend you contact the nearest consulate for further information.

For European citizens (except Great Britain and Scandinavian countries), there is an agreement whereby the marriage is reported to the spouse’s or spouses’ country or countries of origin.

For other countries, you may request a multilingual marriage certificate, which will permit marriage registration without delay.

Required documents include:

  • Birth certificate

  • Valid passport

  • Certificate of residence

  • Nulla Osta form, with validated translation if a multilingual form is not used

  • Two witnesses, both over the age of 18 and with valid identity papers

  • A valid document attesting to your legal presence in Italy (following regulation n. 94/2009 “Disposizioni in materia di sicurezza”)

For all couples, we wish you a sincere and faithful partner, a fairytale location, and a king’s banquet! The Hotel Bramante awaits!







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