• Sampler of typical salami from Siena with freshly made flatbread
  • Cappuccino Chianina, a mixture of spelt and specialty veal, charmingly prepared
  • Scamorza (a soft, white cheese) with black truffles from Norcia
  • Radicchio flavored with Sagrantino accompanied by smoked duck breast, duck salami and pecorino cheese
  • Fillet of beef cooked in extra virgin olive oil at low temperature on a bed of
First Courses
  • Carnaroli rice (a medium-grained rice from Northern Italy) with truffles from Norcia (min. 2 people)
  • Carnaroli rice with cheese, thyme and lemon zest (min. 2 people)
  • Umbricelli (handmade Umbrian spaghetti) with wild asparagus and bacon
  • Paccheri (handmade Neapolitan noodles) with pecorino cheese and wild fennel
  • Fettuccine with a white sauce, flavored with Cinta pork from Siena, orange zest, and bay leaves
  • Stringozzi (handmade Umbrian pasta) with strioli (wild local vegetables) and tomatoes
Second Courses
  • Fillet of beef with black truffles from Norcia
  • Grilled beef tenderloin
  • Fillet of beef with rocket (arugula) and Modena balsamic vinegar reduction
  • Cinta pork fillet from Siena wrapped in bacon with wild asparagus
  • Chicken roulade with pistachios from Bronte (southern Italy)
  • Veal chops with aromatic herbs
Side Dishes
  • French fries
  • Cooked vegetables
  • Mixed salad
  • Asparagus with thyme


  • Daily specials