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Hotel Bramante
Our family’s history
In the fifties, our grandparents, Enok and Flora, were the owners of the only hotels in Todi: The Mancini and the Hotel Cavour, both located right in the historic center of town. With 24 available rooms and breakfast served at Bar Tazza d’Oro dell’Eva, Grandma Flora welcomed and pampered her guests with love and care. On a curious note, there were actually 22 rooms because the numbers 13 and 17 were missing—for superstitious reasons. This tradition was passed on to Hotel Bramante and you will not find these rooms on any floor. we four brothers, together with our parents Francesco and Gabriella, decided to restructure the ancient Franciscan monastery Santa Margherita. The building, dating back to the twelfth century, has been renovated over the years and has been expanded to become the Hotel Bramante as we know it today, so named because it is located under the Temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione, a 16th century church attributed to Donato Bramante.
Hotel Bramante
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Hotel Bramante
Umbria is the green heart of Italy, a fantastic region where nature takes center stage with its hills, countryside, natural reserves and famous art cities. Our hotel sits on the higher part of the Todi hilltop, in front of an enchanting valley, surrounded by a breathtaking view!
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