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Our History

It was the late ’70s when our father, Francesco Montori, had the idea to buy a ruin with annexed farm a few steps from one of the most famous and beautiful Todi’s monument: the Bramante Tempio della Consolazione.

The ruin was actually the former Franciscan monastery of Santa Margherita, a building dating from the twelfth century: the project of our father was to restore it and then turn it into a private residence for us four brothers … Then instead the increasing fame of Todi for tourism and taking into account that at the time there was only one hotel in Todi, the project was totally changed. Now dad wanted to transform the ruin into a Hotel 1st category and thus give us the future possibility of having some employment.

And indeed it was so, since today we are four brothers managing the hotel … of course under the supervision of the “big boss”! The opening was there in 1982, to be exact on February 23. At first the hotel had 43 rooms and for the furniture it was decided to use a kind of “poor art” to recreate the atmosphere of the ancient monastery. The rooms then were very different from those of today.

Between the late 90s and early 2000 we added the rooftop swimming pool, a tennis court / football and we have expanded structure with other 14 rooms (standard, junior suites and suites) and a large conference room, the Sala degli Imperatori. In 1984 came a young chef to direct our Caravaggio Restaurant: the early twenties Cataldo Mosca and are now nearly 30 years who is here with us!

In these 30 years we have organized many events, both cultural than convivial. A great success was the Festival of the Etruscans: a way to revive the customs and traditions of people who lived more than two thousand years ago in our own territory. Dinners in costumes with local dishes! A testimony to the skill and originality of our chef Aldo, we remember with pleasure when in 2004 the staff of the Hotel Bramante was called in Russia at the court of Putin!

Why? Well, the Italian consul in Russia, Mr Ricci, had met Aldo here at the hotel as a customer. He liked his cuisine so much that he thought to invite him to St. Petersburg to cook at the Hotel Astoria during the week of the Festival of the kitchen! Many local authorities were invited to tastings of typical Umbrian products (oil, wine, etc.) that were held in clubs and restaurants of the city.

Info Structure

We are in Todi, a beautiful medieval town in the center of Umbria, also known as the Ideal City, where the tranquility and serenity of daily living is its most famous feature.

Umbria is the “green heart of Italy“, a fantastic region, where nature is the star, with its hills, countryside, nature reserves and famous cities. Our hotel is located in the Todi’s upper part , in front of a beautiful valley and surrounded by breathtaking scenery!

It was founded in 1300 as a monastery “Santa Margherita”: the stone walls, the original terracotta floors, the rooms, in the upper floorderived from the cells of the nuns, are witnesses!!

The decor respects the style of the time and has meticulous attention to detail, in order to relive the past’s atmosphere while relaxing
in front of a good traditional umbrian plate sipping one of our famous Rossi or immersed in the relaxing atmosphere of our SPA.

There is very much to discover in this Umbria rich in wonderful places and we will recommend you the best!