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Pet Policy
Rules for guests staying with pets
As part of our pledge to provide our guests with the highest level of service, at Hotel Bramante we are happy to welcome small pets (max 12 kg) accompanying you during your stay.
Companion pets are allowed prior previous notification.
The cost for having a pet stay with you is €10 per night. This includes the cost for cleaning the room.
In order to guarantee a comfortable stay for all the guests and pets, please read the following hotel rules:

Animals are not allowed in the swimming pool, as per hygiene regulations and as a courtesy to other guests.

You promise to keep your furry little friend on a leash or in a cage whenever they are in public places or in any of the common areas both inside and outside of the hotel.

Whenever you are inside Hotel Bramante, you promise not to leave your 4-legged friend unaccompanied at any time.

You promise to let your pet out of the room while the room is being cleaned.
Otherwise, you can choose not to have your room cleaned while your pet is in it.

Any pet who becomes aggressive or begins to disturb any guest or other person at Hotel Bramante must be removed from the hotel immediately.

As the pet’s owner, you accept full responsibility for each and every request for reimbursement, loss, cost and expense (including legal fees) for personal harm, damages or soiling which might be attributed to the pet and accept to provide such reimbursement upon request.

You promise to compensate, release from liability and defend Hotel Bramante, its owners, agents and employees of any responsibility, request for reimbursement, loss, cost and expense (including legal fees) whatsoever attributed to or related to any request of personal harm or damage caused to the property by the animal itself.

Pet Policy
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